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School Arcadia Parovozov – learn with your favourite hero

If you have a baby, you absolutely heard from TV encouraging voice, the syllables calling his name: “RA-ka-and PA-ro-in-call!”. Amazing cartoon where the instruction train the hero with the manners police uncle Styopa interspersed with all sorts of adventures that get in the friends of Arkadia. Interesting main character and panache, and like children, didactics and confident – their parents. Perhaps that is why on any children’s channel and not pass out, I sounded the trumpet voice of Arcadia. But not only TV you can watch your favorite movie – there are also tablets! The application “School Arcadia Parovozov” allows you not only to look at the noble hero on a mobile screen, but along the way to solve many exciting puzzles.

The structure of the game resembles the classic timekillers about “balls” or match3 – the user moves from level to level, you will also get stars and other trappings of success. Here only if in a normal game the gameplay is homogeneous, then sewn many riddles. Arkady may ask you to paint the picture (sample attached), to collect a bunch of disparate images into one (a virtual version of mosaic) or fly as long as possible through pipes and other obstacles (no difficulty in recognizing Flappy Birds).

In between levels the animation is enabled – it is convenient, you can run back to your laptop or TV. This creates the necessary mix of cartoon, its characters and games that teach children great. Because the puzzles are not chosen at random, and calculating: some develop memory, others attention, others reaction. Leaving the child alone with the app, you can be sure that the child will not only have fun, but will also get important for later life knowledge.

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Since the game is designed primarily for preschool children, lose this is almost impossible: Arkady will generate an asterisk, even if things aren’t going very well. But to update personal records (and results recorded) will have to try to accumulate all the skills and abilities. However, it’s worth it – giving out the next award, Arkady will give your child and useful advice.

In the original version of the game there are two levels (one is downloaded separately), which will last for quite a long time. If you, however, want more, can be purchased for some money – quite a fair and equitable monetization scheme.

Download School Arcadia Parovozov for iPhone and iPad [free]
Download School Arcadia Parovozov for iPhone and iPad [15.]

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