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“Scholar” for kids – spelling quiz

In the App Store came out “children’s” version of the popular app “Scholar!”, which downloaded more than 4.5 million users of iPhone and iPad. The game is designed specifically for pupils of primary and middle classes.

The app is a quiz, where the words of the Russian language. The little task of the gamer is to choose the correct spelling of the word. Words are divided into various categories: home, school, nature, occupation, etc.

Design Scholar for kids” is a stylized notebook student. At the end of each game the user receives a score from 1 to 5+, and its result is recorded in the global ranking of players. Categories of words you want to open, getting excellent grades and achievements will help to understand your level of progress.

The application rich functionality – a game together on one device or across the network, work on the bugs (the game only with words, in which the user made a mistake), countdown timer.

The developers have provided a network multiplayer – you can play with your friends, classmates or parents. Also have the option to choose a game with a random opponent.

Well, if the student has already learned all the words, and they seem easy, it can go in the “adult” version of the application “Scholar! – spelling quiz”, where even an adult will be surprised the most difficult and interesting words of the great and mighty Russian language.

Download “Scholar” for kids for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [App Store]

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