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Scanner Touch ID in the iPhone 7 can be repaired only by an authorized service center

In the beginning of 2016, some iPhone owners complained that after installing the update their gadgets stopped working. On the screen appeared “error 53”. As it turned out, the problem occurred while updating and restoring devices in which the fingerprint scanner Touch ID was damaged and replaced at an unauthorized service center.

As it turns out, Apple continued this policy with the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, forcing users to carry the device to calibrate the scanner only in authorised service centre.

After replacing of Touch ID through a third-party Studio the screen displays a message prompting you to contact the Apple Store. Thus, in the case of failure of the fingerprint scanner iPhone 7 or 7 Plus will be able to repair their gadgets only in official service centers.

Despite criticism and lawsuits, the manufacturer continues to block the mobile device after replacing the Touch ID. The sensor should be re-calibrated, and the necessary equipment has only “officials”.

In that time, skeptics have accused Apple of greed, the company refers to the need to ensure the highest quality and safety. Posted below is a video demonstrating the inability to replace Touch ID anywhere except the Apple store.

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