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Scammers repainted iPhone 6 in pink and sell them as iPhone 6s

Some design Studio offer services and give a new color design Apple technology. Companies that aim to deliver iPhone and iPad from color uniformity, allow you to select any of a variety of colors for aluminum housing gadgets. On a similar principle, as it became known, work and crooks in Vietnam, they only sell these gadgets to unsuspecting users.

Deciding to play on the popularity of the iPhone, scammers have established the business on the production of fake Apple smartphones. Business is to sell hardware iPhone 6, placed in a pink body, under the form of the flagship iPhone 6s. The process of repainting the hull is performed on the technology of anodizing is the electrochemical process of obtaining a protective or decorative coating on the surface of the alloys.

According to a source familiar with the production process such iPhone 6s, to turn last year’s smartphone into a top-end modification takes about 2 hours. The demand for smartphones Apple is consistently high and counterfeit devices are a way to capitalize on the hype surrounding the new items.

Apple, recall, showed the iPhone 6s at the presentation on September 9. Among the key innovations of the smartphone: force-sensitive touch screen, 3D Touch, basic 12-megapixel camera, powerful processor A9, Express LTE connectivity, the body is pink in color. The first lucky ones will get desired smartphones on September 25.

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