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Saurik talked about the development of a tool for automatic signature iOS 10.2 and other applications

Very soon the use of jailbroken devices will become a little easier, thanks to the decision to automatically sign applications, which will save users from having to re-sign yalu102 and other programs downloaded on iPhone and iPad, bypassing the App Store. This was stated by the developer Cydia Jay Freeman, known online as Saurik.

Limitation jailbreak yalu102 is that after every reboot a jailbroken device is deprived of access to Cydia. Hackers exploit called “poluprovodnik”: device must be transferred to the state of the jailbreak by launching Yalu. In addition, the validity of the IPA file signed with a standard user account is 7 days a week, users will again need to repeat the procedure.

As told by Saurik, we are developing solutions for automatic renewal of digital signature applications. First there were some problems associated with protective technologies in iOS 10.2, but now they are in the past. After the decision to automatically sign applications, Cydia Impactor will not have to repeat the jailbreak every week.

Freeman does not disclose the name of the developer solutions to “avoid unwanted attention”.

“Now I help with it (can’t say who to protect him from unwanted attention from the user, if he wants to tell himself). But I can confidently say that if you install the app, signing it using Impactor every week, then most likely you are doing it for the last time”, wrote Saurik.

After the publication of Freeman’s other developer, Creator of iOS 10.2 Luke Todesco, confirmed the preparation of such solutions. “The decision to auto-renew 7-day certificate in development, while popolzuyutsya Cydia Impactor a week or so,” wrote the developer. Message Todesco received 352 retweets and nearly 1,500 likes.

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The release dates again are not known, but given the confidence of developers, the release decision could take place very soon.

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