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Saurik releases Cydia Extender to automatically sign applications without connecting to a PC

If you follow what is happening in the world of jailbreaking, you probably heard about the new tool, Jay Freeman’s Cydia called Extender. Presented without much noise utility is part of the new version of Cydia Impactor but it is installed on an iOS device as a standalone application.

What is Cydia Extender?

Cydia Extender is designed to automatically sign applications not installed through the App Store, without the aid of a computer. One of the really interesting aspects of the decision is “eternal” signing the app, as at the expiration of signatures, it automatically resumes.

What’s the catch? You’ll need a paid developer account with Apple.

This will solve the problem with the signature jailbreak every 7 days?

The answer to this question is ambiguous. Theoretically, Yes, the release of Cydia Extender is a solution to a common problem faced by users who jailbreak – necessity every 7 days to sign the app with a computer. This is because the free account is valid for 7 days.

Initially it was assumed that Cydia Extender will work with usual Apple account ID. However, after the release, Freeman has realized that users will need the developer account cost $99 a year. Unfortunately, this limitation makes the tool largely useless, since the main purpose of Cydia Extender was free use.

Is there a future for Cydia Extender?

Himself Jay Freeman, understandably, distressed by this situation: “In fact, it was a complete failure five minutes after the release.” Although the application does not provide the functionality for which it was originally created, it still will be useful to owners of developer accounts with apps that require a regular subscription.

At the moment Extender Cydia – app is not for everyone, but users with accounts developers will appreciate the capabilities of the program.

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