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Sapphire in the Apple Watch Series 3 scratched, as ordinary glass

Earlier this month, Apple introduced a new version of smart watches Apple Watch, the screen of which is covered with artificial sapphire. This coating has to withstand much more damage than ordinary glass. Whether so it actually?

YouTube-blogger Zach Nelson of channel jerryrigeverything once compared the Apple Watch ceramic Series 3 cost $ 1,300 with a clock rolex timepiece cost $ 300, which is also covered with a synthetic sapphire for scratch resistance.

In the video, the Nelson scratches the surface of the Apple Watch Series 3 and Tissot timepiece different tools, increasing the value on the Mohs scale of hardness. According to standard, the glass, which covered the majority of smartphone screens, scratched at the value 6. Artificial sapphire, which Apple uses to cover the cameras in the iPhone and dial of the Apple Watch, and must withstand at least 8 of the reference minerals.

In the video you can see that on the screen of the Apple Watch Series 3 began to leave scratches after use of the sixth standard mineral. At the same time, the watch dial is rolex timepiece scratched on the eighth level.

Nelson previously tested for the presence of a sapphire cover the iPhone camera 8, and proved that she also scratched along with the usual glass.

From the experience of the blogger, we can assume that Apple actually doesn’t use sapphire iPhone camera and screen of the Apple Watch, however, is actually not so. In smartphones and smartwatches the Corporation uses artificial sapphire, only with impurities.

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