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SanDisk and Toshiba have created an ultrafast memory 3D NAND for iPhone 7

At that time, as Apple prepares for the presentation of the new smartphone generation iPhone 6s, a fresh announcement from the two market leaders microarray sheds light on the possibility of “Apple” communicators issue of 2016.

Toshiba and SanDisk announced the preparation to the production of the industry-first 48-layer flash memory NAND-type with a capacity of 256 GB. Memory in multilayer performed by each of the manufacturers can be called a “world first”, since the number of layers in each case may be unique. So, Samsung, Intel and Micron exploit 32-layer 3D structure NAND, the company SK Hynix — 36-ply, and Toshiba and SanDisk — 48-ply.

In the manufacture of a new 256-Gigabit module was used 15-nanometer lithography process, technology vertical layout and write three bytes of data per transistor (triple-level cell, TLC). Created a superfast chip suitable for use in various fields, including SSDS, smartphones, tablets, memory cards. SanDisk and Toshiba are the main suppliers of flash memory for the iPhone 6, so the first contender for ultra fast memory are considered to be the new flagship of Apple.

Recently Toshiba and SanDisk have started purchasing equipment for production of multilayer NAND chips and are going to start pilot production later this year. Mass production of memory BiCS will begin in the first half of 2016. For the production of 3D NAND Toshiba hastily rearranges one of their old factories — Fab2 in Yokkaichi.

Such chips are expected to reach a capacity of 1 TB, while the maximum for Toshiba in smartphones and tablets is now just 64 GB.

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