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Samsung’s patented simultaneous use of S-Pen and your finger to control the Galaxy Note

Patent application filed with WIPO, the world intellectual property organization in the future will allow users to simultaneously control your phone using S-Pen and finger. It is reported by Gizmochina.

The Galaxy Note series from Samsung is in some way popular for its S-Pen. For many years the S-Pen is developed – it now has more functions and is also waterproof. However, more opportunities may appear through a new patent Samsung.

The images depict the settings screen on it the user can choose the input method for the application. As in the example above, which lists different methods of scrolling the screen, will be able to use a combination of finger touch and the S-Pen, where the S-Pen is designed to input or where the finger is intended to enter.

You can also configure the reaction of the stylus when on the screen there is a touch of a finger. Example – in the image below, where line thickness increases if the user presses and holds the finger on the screen.

Samsung also added a few gestures that will provide quick access to various functions. For example, drawing a Z on the screen, you can move to the next note, and mirroring this gesture will take the user to the previous note. Using a similar schema, you can add an attachment or delete a note, drawing a circle clockwise or counterclockwise, respectively.

The patent, which was filed on 25 September 2017, is now published on the website of WIPO. However, this is not the first case when Samsung has requested a patent for this feature: for the first time like he was seen in 2013 in the Korean patent office, and later, in 2014, the Bureau of patents and trademarks of the United States. As you can see, the images still have the frame and the fingerprint scanner on the front.

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Now that a new patent has received global endorsement, a function that allows simultaneous use of S-Pen and your finger to control the Galaxy Note may appear in Galaxy Note 9.

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