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Samsung will release for the flagship Galaxy S8 covers Protective Cover, Alcantara

Among the accessories available to buyers for upcoming flagship smartphones Galaxy S8 will be branded covers, covered in Alcantara. This was reported by the resource SamMobile.

According to tradition, Samsung is planning to release quite a lot of accessories for your new smartphone. Some of them will be familiar from earlier models by the company, some will meet for the first time. Alcantara, who decided to use the South Korean giant is a synthetic fabric made of artificial textile microfibers. In its texture, to the touch and it looks very similar to suede.

It was designed in the early 1970s, and mass production was in 1972. Interesting is the fact that the fabric actually is plastic, although it used quite a complex and lengthy process no chemical treatments and this is only part of the production cycle.

The decision to use the material in the covers to Samsung explain the high resistance to external influences. In addition, it is more elastic than the natural counterpart, due to what is actively used for finishing of luxury cars and sophisticated furniture products.

Alcantara will be presented in a special premium line of holsters Protective Cover. This solution earlier, Samsung is not met.

The company also will offer for Galaxy S8 the usual case Protective Cover, transparent case Clear Cover, the Keyboard Cover with keyboard, case View LED Cover with led display and case battery capacity of 2600 mA·h, and multimedia dock.

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