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Samsung will pay the users of their smartphones that they have not passed on the iPhone

Complete failure ended the market launch of the new flagship Galaxy Note 7 Samsung. A short time after the launch of new products emerged that the South Korean smart phones dangerous for users — can spontaneously catch fire and even explode.

The presentation of the smartphone in Russia, scheduled for September, was postponed. Samsung acknowledged the defect, reporting more than 100 cases of fires. The cause of the problem was excessive heating of the battery. The company has offered to return 2.5 million of the already implemented devices.

Today, as reported on the website of Samsung to keep the loyalty of its users, the South Korean giant has organized a discount program. Now the former owners of the Galaxy Note 7 when you return the device can get up to $100 with the agreement on the purchase of another Galaxy, for example, model or Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 edge.

In Russia, Samsung also offers replacement Galaxy Note 7 Galaxy S7 or S7 edge. The difference in cost of the devices, the company promises to compensate, and also give a promo code for a discount of 3,000 rubles, which will be valid in all retail stores in Russia.

At the moment Samsung have stopped global sales of Galaxy Note 7, a program of voluntary exchange, as well as further production of the device. All returned instances of the smartphones will be destroyed.

Thus, Samsung will have to enter in their financial results, another item of expenditure that is associated with the disastrous release of Galaxy Note 7. The aggregate financial losses of the Corporation will be tens of billions of dollars (not to mention the “burnt” reputation). Only one day on 11 October, when it announced the discontinuation of Galaxy Note 7, due to the decrease in the value of shares capitalization of Samsung fell by $17 billion.

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