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Samsung will be the exclusive supplier of OLED displays for the iPhone 8, because LG has got only one machine Canon Tokki

It is no secret that the new iPhone jubilee needs to screen for organic LEDs. The output depends on a small company — Canon Tokki, which is the monopolist on the market of equipment for production of OLED screens.

Last week it was reported that Samsung will be the exclusive supplier of OLED screens for the iPhone 8. Next year delivery of components for new products was to begin, LG Display, however, found the sources of supply of products for Apple, LG Display will not begin before 2019.

“Even Samsung Display hard to meet the requirements set to the quality of the displays of Apple”, — told in UBI Research, noting that due to the complex production process of the upcoming iPhone may lose the built-in screen fingerprint scanner.

LG will start mass production of OLED displays for smartphones just in the third quarter, the company will need time to increase the output of quality products to an acceptable level. The first consumer OLED display manufactured by LG Display will be LG and Xiaomi.

Canon Tokki is a monopolist in the market of equipment for production of OLED screens. The cost of such a device may exceed 10 billion yen ($85 million). Products Canon Tokki are in great demand: the orders made two years in advance.

Sources said that this year will be released only 7 of these machines, five of which have already booked Samsung. One went to LG Display and China’s BOE. Of the nine machines Canon Tokki, which has been on the plans for the next year, 5 pieces again get Samsung. The release schedule of new products, LG Display will depend on how many machines she can buy.

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Head Canon Tokki Teruhisa the Trains said that the company “is doing everything possible to increase the output and to shorten the wait”. However, the demand for such equipment by the manufacturers will remain strong in the coming years.

It is noted that there are other manufacturers of equipment for the manufacture of OLED displays, however, from the point of view of technology development Canon Tokki far from the competitors. The company develops and perfects his technique for more than two decades. Canon Tokki works 343.

According to reports, Apple is planning to release in 2017 at least one iPhone with an OLED display. Thus, Samsung could become the sole supplier of such screens, at least until 2019.

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