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Samsung was accused of copying for Galaxy S7 of the principle of front-facing camera flash iPhone 6s

Readers of the official blog, Samsung has accused the company of plagiarism, claiming that the frontal flash technology implemented in the newest smartphones and Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 edge, repeats what is already available to iPhone owners. Users are confident that the South Korean giant had illegally used Apple technology.

When using the front camera of the iPhone 6s in low light conditions the display of the mobile device performs the role of flash, for a short period of time burn three times brighter than the maximum level. At this point, the camera automatically adjusts the white balance so that the colors are more natural. The technology is called Retina Flash.

Apple describes the feature as follows:

“When taking a selfie pre-flash determines the level of light, then fires the flash True Tone Flash on the display, optimally complementing the ambient lighting. In the end you get a beautiful picture with realistic colours and natural skin tone. Based Retina Flash is an innovative technology: a dedicated processor increases the brightness of the screen three times compared to normal condition”.

Similar functionality as is implemented in smartphones and Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 edge. Apple is unlikely to present a judicial claim on this account, but some users resent this fact.

It is fair to say that this is not the only borrowing Samsung. As we wrote earlier, the company has developed for its new flagship analog functions Live Photos – photos from video elements created using the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. In the version of the South Korean manufacturer called Motion photo.

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