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Samsung wants to beat Apple’s Siri in the Samsung Galaxy S8

In November of this year it became known that the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8, the presentation of which should take place in March, will get its own virtual assistant that runs on the technology of a startup Viv, bought the company in October last year. The last founded by the creators of the voice assistant Siri.

As reported by SamMobile, Samsung among others will be integrated into the camera app. And not just to through voice commands to take photos. It is reported that the camera app will have a separate button Bixby. The helper in this case will be able to identify objects and to recognize the text in the frame.

This, for example, can enable you to find the object of interest in the Internet for its subsequent acquisition. Such functionality, we have demonstrated a few years ago, but she never found the special distribution on the market.

Tight integration Bixby with different and services may contribute to the development of such technologies. Also, perhaps a new ability features will be focused on people with poor eyesight.

Samsung intends to integrate Bixby almost all preinstalled apps Galaxy S8. For example, users can access the assistant by opening the photo gallery and asked to show images that meet certain criteria. In addition, Bixby will be able to work with the payment service, Samsung Pay.

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