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Samsung wants to accelerate the release of the flagship Galaxy Note 8 because of the iPhone 8 and the weak sales of Galaxy S8

Two new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ was quite interesting models. However, this does not mean that their sales hit record. It is not, at least according to sources from South Korea. According to the publication The Korea Herald last month sales of Galaxy S8 was slowing down faster than expected.

It is reported that Samsung is configured for an earlier announcement of the new flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 8. Among the key reasons for such a step is not only the desire of the South Korean giant will have an advantage over the iPhone 8, but weak sales of the Galaxy S8.

It is noted that since the release of Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ two months the company was able to sell only 9.8 million smartphones, compared to 12 million Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, supplied by the company for the same period a year earlier. And a 20 percent backlog is very worried about Samsung.

That is why Samsung has decided to accelerate release of the Galaxy Note 8. Moreover, the design of the plantation and many of his characteristics are borrowed from the Galaxy S8. The device screen will be a little bigger than the display Galaxy S8+.

Judging from past examples, the transfer time of launch of new products may be useless. LG G6 debuted earlier than planned, to beat the Galaxy S8, but judging by the price decline in device sales, it didn’t help. Although, the Samsung this maneuver can be more successful, because the iPhone can only start in November, so Samsung will be two months.

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On the other hand, among the main features that Samsung can expect when promoting the Galaxy Note 8, this is only a S Pen stylus and dual camera. Will it be enough to compete with the iPhone jubilee 8?

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