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Samsung took away from Apple the title of the largest manufacturer of smartphones before the launch of the Galaxy S8 – Trendforce

Analytical company TrendForce has published a report on the state of the world’s smartphone market in the first quarter of 2017. According to researchers, in the period worldwide has shipped 307 million smartphones. This is 23% less compared to the previous quarter.

The decline in shipments of smartphones is partly due to market saturation. In the first place is Samsung, which occupies a share of 26.1% of the market compared to 18.5% in the last quarter. Apple has seen a significant drop: the company, located in second place, has reduced the share from 20.3% to 16.9%.

Third place is held by China’s Huawei, which owns 11.4% of the market compared with 11.3% a year earlier. Next, in descending order – Oppo from 8.1% (previous year 8.8 per cent), Vivo from 6.2% (up 7.1 percent) and LG with 4.6 per cent (5.8 per cent).

According to experts, in the second quarter of the current year the production volumes of smartphones compared to the first will increase slightly.

Separately considered the source of Chinese manufacturers. Among them, Huawei is the leader with a share of 24.7% of the market against 23.6% in the previous quarter. At Oppo, the corresponding figures amount to 17.6% and 18.4%, in Vivo — 13.4% and 15%, Xiaomi — 8.1% and 6%, and ZTE at 7.8% and 6.3%.

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