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Samsung to unveil Galaxy Note 5 in July to get ahead of the iPhone 6s Plus

It is known that this year Samsung is going to release a new version of the flagship phablet from the line of Galaxy Note. However, if it used to be that the announcement of the Galaxy Note 5 will take place in late August or early September, but now sources say a much earlier release of new items.

It is likely that the new generation of phablets from Samsung will go on sale in mid-summer. According to the publication WhoWired, planshetofon Galaxy Note 5 will be presented in late July. Usually Samsung presents its Galaxy Note in early September before (or during) the Berlin exhibition IFA electronics.

Samsung supposedly has managed to hold a closed presentation of the final prototype phablets, confirming its final characteristics, and partners Samsung will be able to begin accepting pre-orders for Galaxy Note 5 before it was released.

It is reported that the process of developing the Galaxy Note 5 has progressed faster than expected, so Samsung will not miss the opportunity to use this advantage and announce the device much earlier than would be presented to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. To accelerate the pace of Koreans makes the success of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.

Thanks to a closed presentation of Samsung, it became known that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be based only on its own hardware platform Exynos. As for the performances, for the regular version of the gadget resource WhoWired predicts 5,89-inch display for the Galaxy Note 5 edge with a curved display — 5.78% was established inch. In both cases, the screen resolution will be 2160 x 3840 pixels. The case will be 0.6 mm thinner (7.9 mm) than the Galaxy Note 4 and the battery capacity will increase from to 4100 3220 mAh.

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