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Samsung smartphones were able to record video in 4K and the iPhone 6s

At the end of last week Apple started selling the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. And although Russia in the list of countries where the iPhone came in first, was not, “grey” retail has helped our countrymen on the first day of sales to part with decent money for new items. The device interesting for the audience a number of features, including a 3D Touch display and support for video in 4K resolution.

Of course, smartphones were capable of capturing 4K video and the iPhone. However, it is the iPhone 6s this function has caused the greatest interest among users. Samsung angered by this fact, and she decided to remind you that smartphones of the Galaxy series has received the support of 4K video recording long before a competitor.

On the video titled “Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note5: 4K Ultra HD Video” the South Korean manufacturer shows a few scenes taken with the camera of the flagship smartphone. It is noteworthy that the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note5 edge+, is able to make a video no longer than 5 minutes. IPhone 6s video run time is limited only by the amount of flash memory.

By the way, large size is one of the main problems 4K video: a video lasting one minute takes about 375 MB. Do not need to have profound knowledge in mathematics to calculate how fast the memory runs out iPhone.

  • 720p with frequency of 30 frames/s = 60 MB/min (1 Mbps);
  • 1080p with frequency 30 fps (default) = 130 MB/min (2.2 MB/sec);
  • 1080p with frequency of 60 frames/s = 200 MB/min (3.3 MB/sec);
  • 4K with a frequency of 30 frames/s = 375 MB/min (6,25 MB/s).
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Users who plan to do lots of shooting in 4K on the iPhone, the 16 GB model will have to forget.

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