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Samsung said the main reason to choose iPhone instead of the Galaxy S8

The situation with viruses and malicious apps on Android has reached a critical point, as evidenced by the recent announcement of the Samsung. The company announced a collaboration with the developers of McAfee, which provides a preset anti-virus software McAfee VirusScan for smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Manufacturers of Android devices openly recognize the danger of Android-devices. At the time, as iPhone well protected from Trojans and malware holders “guglofonov” we have to use antivirus software to avoid becoming the victim of another Trojan, to write off the money from a credit card or stealing passwords from Network services.

Of course, Google tries to convince users into Android security. A few years ago, the company said that the main protection has already been implemented by the company by scanning and checking apps before they get into Google Play. Android is supposedly one of the safest platforms and risks, which they say are exaggerated. “I believe that paying money for the product, which you probably won’t get any benefit, is irrational, however, for a number of reasons people buy this software,” – said a top Manager of Google.

While Google is repeating the mantra about Android security the number of malware for this OS is growing exponentially. According to analysts at G Data, every 10 seconds for this platform there is a new Trojan. It is unlikely that in Google I sincerely believe in what I said.

Antivirus developers, meanwhile, are rubbing their hands. “Protect all network-connected devices is simply necessary today, – said the Executive Vice President of McAfee John Giamatteo, – commenting on the transaction with Samsung. Although this level of protection may seem excessive, we believe in the power of collaboration with partners such as Samsung to provide world-class security devices.”

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