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Samsung responded to Apple Music free access to Google Play Music for six months

For the first 4 weeks of Apple Music service has signed up over 10 million users, according Roem citing a source in the major record companies. In July, and in the following August and September, Apple Music is free for everyone. Then subscribers will pay monthly. Estimated 10 million people have not yet paid a dime, and Apple does not reveal the statistics. As of early August, Apple reveal only the number of actors connected to a marketing service Connect — more than 15 000.

The record company were pleasantly surprised by the number of listeners Apple Music. The resource suggests that in about a month, Apple will begin loud marketing program. Advertising music service will coincide with the annual MTV Video Music Awards, which will take place on August 30. After the trial period, the Apple Music will only work for the money.

One of the main rivals of Samsung replaced the pre-installed music app. Earlier South Korean smartphones staffed with streaming Deezer. As it became known, from the autumn of built-in music service on Samsung devices will be Google Play Music.

Partners will present a free six months of listening to buyers of Samsung smartphones. Models of earnings Apple Music and Google Play Music are identical — subscription. Test period the Koreans turned out to be twice longer than the Apple Music and end it for the first wave of buyers, much later than the first mass tests Apple Music, even accounting for those listeners who only autumn can try Apple Music on Android phones.

The most powerful competitor of Apple Music Spotify is considered. As of June 2015 this streaming was 20 million paid listeners and 75 million users in General. Last use the service with some restrictions, for free, but in exchange for viewing and listening to advertising. Originally Scandinavian Spotify is today present in many countries is problematic regions he was only Russia, where the launch failed, despite the participation holds stakes in Spotify Yuri Milner and Alisher Usmanov, Samsung and homeland — South Korea.

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Spotify took nearly 7 years to collect 75 million people. However, the audience grew unevenly between 2014 and 2015 has doubled (Apple Music four weeks gathered as many followers as Spotify for 6 years). Among the new Spotify users in 2015 were former and current owners of vehicles Sony and PlayStations and smartphones.

Apple Music and Google Play Music — closed systems. Two major seller of mobile phones (Google, as the owner of the key for manufacturers of smartphones OSes) don’t open a music platform. Perhaps corporations consider a collection of playlists in the music service, as a guarantee that the next phone from their client will be the same brand as that of an existing one. Anchor music service” binds the buyer — hate to lose “music collection” (so and so does not belong to man — streaming services periodically update the contracts with the rights holders, so the concept of “collections” in them unsteadily for the listener — saved album can be spoiled, or time, or forever).

It is worth noting that in Russia a good momentum of growth in mobile in 2015 shows Russian app Zvooq, but the absolute gains are relatively small. And Zvooq and Yandex.The music tried to spread in partnerships with Russian mobile operators (in the world market such a scheme was used by Spotify and Deezer). The experiments were deemed successful, but now are not. In October 2014, the CEO of Dream Industries Mikhail Ilyichev (DI controls Zvooq) explained why Russia is still no examples of a long collaboration streamingav and mobile operators, telcos require too much control (up to the entering into the capital music services), although by themselves the ideas of streaming music with great interest.

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