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Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy S8+ color “rose gold”

Samsung has introduced a new modification of the flagship smartphone Galaxy S8+. From the original version of the novelty is the color of the body — the device is painted in pink color.

After the release of the iPhone in case from rose gold this color started to be introduced and manufacturers of Android smartphones. The trend was picked up by a South Korean company.

The first reports on the preparation of this model was received in early June. Samsung believes that the color “pink gold” is a very natural and harmonious, giving the feeling of comfort. Shade shimmers and shines as if lit from within the glass, giving the Galaxy S8 sophisticated and soothing design, the company said.

Apple smartphones in this colour is called Rose Gold. The name Samsung Galaxy S8 – Rose Pink (in Russian “pink” and “rose” for the flowers translated the same way). Technical specifications of the pink Samsung Galaxy S8+ are the same as the smartphone of other colors.

While pink is the flagship will be available only in Taiwan. However, observers assume that over time Samsung will release the device in other countries. In addition, it may get painted in the same color model Galaxy S8.

At the official presentation of Galaxy S8 the company has announced a 5 color versions – black, Golden, blue, silver and purple. But in fact, the vast majority of markets presented only black, purple and Golden. Whether the pink Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ as “elusive”, as blue is still unknown.

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