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Samsung may announce the second review is safe smartphones Galaxy Note 7

After starting the program review smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which have been subject to spontaneous fires for the steel market to do the “safe” versions of the devices. However, reports of fires have continued. The smartphone of the new party took place on Board the aircraft in the United States, which was the emergence of a new wave of rumors about the ill-fated gadgets.

Samsung reacted to the publication about the smartphone, fire on Board, saying that it failed to examine the device, so she could not confirm that the incident happened with the Galaxy Note 7 out of the batch of new production.

The incident of the monitoring body of the local organization consumer safety initiated the investigation. If it is confirmed information that the smartphone was from the “safe” batch of devices, Samsung will face the need of a second opinion Galaxy Note 7.

This idea was expressed by Pamela Gilbert, the former Chairman of the consumer Commission of the United States for food security. Other representatives of the organization confirmed that the second opinion can take place if the smartphone of the new pariah will be as “dangerous” as their predecessors.

Meanwhile on Friday, Samsung has released the preliminary results of the work in the third quarter of calendar 2016, declaring that the problems with the opinion the “exploding” Galaxy Note 7 could cause serious damage to quarterly financials. In the period from July to September, the company showed an operating profit in the amount of 7.7 to 7.9 trillion won, equivalent to $7 billion, this indicator increased by 5.5%.

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Associated with opinion Galaxy Note 7 expenses reduced profit from operations of the company, but the growth of shipments of semiconductors and AMOLED screens compensate for the loss Samsung. It is possible that if not for the problems with batteries of the Galaxy Note 7, quarterly revenue in the third quarter would have been higher by $2 billion in the same amount the company can do payments on Troubleshooting with the “explosive” flagship.

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