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Samsung made fun of iPhone users in the new ad for the Galaxy S6 [video]

Samsung is already more than two weeks “trolled” her main competitor – Apple. However, the Koreans have not forgotten about his special love for the company from Cupertino, running eve in a Network promo video, in which she makes fun of iPhone owners. Video Samsung is not shy to admit that its Galaxy S6 is better than the Apple product.

On the video Koreans focus the audience’s attention on the wireless charging Galaxy S6, which eliminates the need of wires. According to Samsung,the buyers of “Apple” smartphones suffer and look silly trying to connect the power cable to your gadgets. In advertising the iPhone 6 for some reason carry a tangle of wires sitting under the table, trying to bring the cord with charging out, unsuccessfully pushed a smartphone in the dock.

Galaxy S6 case is entirely different, they support wireless charging. You can read while unhappy iPhone owners suffer with the wires.

A new promo video has become part of the promotional campaign “The Next Big Thing Is Here”, which, according to the lawyers of Samsung last year during the regular patent trial between the two giants, irritates Vice President of marketing for Apple’s Phil Schiller.

The last time for a direct comparison with Apple Samsung resorted at the beginning of June, when he released two videos depicting the advantages of a curved display camera and Galaxy S6 edge.

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