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Samsung is trying to convince users that the Galaxy S7 is all right

The story of the recall of exploding smartphones flagship Galaxy Note 7 affected the perception of Samsung products. The company posted a message on the site, which represents an attempt to take a negative effect from 7 Galaxy Note devices family of Galaxy S7.

Lately there have been several incidents of spontaneous ignition of Samsung Galaxy S7. In particular, this week in Canada, one of the owners of the machine told about the explosion of the smartphone.

Samsung commented on the situation, stating full confidence in the quality and safety of Galaxy S7. In a statement, the company noted that no confirmed case of internal failure of the batteries used in these gadgets. While the number of smartphones sold Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge exceeds 10 million

Known cases of exit by the South Korean gadgets of destruction through external influences. However, in order to Samsung was not provided any such device that allows you to define and name the exact cause of failure in each case, the statement of the manufacturer.

Meanwhile, the latest case of spontaneous combustion in Galaxy S7 has led to the fact that the smartphone owner, 34-year-old Amrit Mann received burns to the hands of second and third degree. The user is going to sue Samsung demanding compensation for moral and physical harm.

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