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Samsung is preparing a response to iPhone SE – a mini version of the flagship Galaxy S8 with 5.3-inch screen and is priced at $399

This week Samsung has officially unveiled a couple of flagship smartphones Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+. With all the advantages of these devices, their displays can seem too big. If Apple especially for fans of compact gadgets offers iPhone SE, the South Korean manufacturer has decided to Fund a series of flagship model Galaxy S8 Mini.

Anonymous source alleges that the Department of research and development Samsung is currently working on a smaller version of the Galaxy S8. Tellingly, as in the case of iPhone SE specs Galaxy S8 mini almost does not differ from the capabilities of the flagship devices. The latter is made in the style of a full-sized smartphone.

According to the source, mini flagship will receive a powerful Snapdragon processor 835, 4 GB of RAM and the same camera as the original model.

But the screen size of the Galaxy S8 Mini is reduced to 5.3 inches. Although the sources do not call it a resolution. And with a display and reduced battery capacity. The “mini” will be much more affordable device. Insiders claim that it can obtain a price tag around $400 (about 22 500 rubles).

In Samsung understands that the emergence of such a smartphone may reduce sales of the original Galaxy S8 and S8+. Therefore his debut will take place only a few weeks after the release of the Duo’s important for the producer markets.

The news about the launch mini flagship Galaxy S8 looks like an April fool’s joke, but the original note appeared on the website Radar Phone yesterday, March 31.

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