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Samsung is developing a hybrid of smart watch and fitness tracker

Samsung announced the development of a new device which will combine in itself functions of smartwatches and fitness tracker. It will be a device that will gather all the best from S3 Gear and Gear Fit 2.

According to the company, it will not be Gear S4, a brand new hybrid gadget. It is expected that the novelty will receive a small display and a number of detachable straps that the user can choose the one he likes the most.

The device is completely waterproof, so it can swim, take a shower and not be afraid to get under a heavy downpour. The gadget will get the basic functions of the fitness tracker will monitor parameters of the body, count calories burned during workouts and more.

There is no accurate information about what running which operating system will work new, but most likely, Samsung will abandon Tizen.

Samsung does not report when the device is presented to the public. Also the secret is kept and then will the hybrid part series Gear S or Gear Fit, or even be something new.

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