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Samsung introduced a strange case for Galaxy S8, covering only the top and bottom of the phone

Apple decided to criticize for the very questionable design of its latest accessories. Take, for example, Magic mouse 2, which can be charged only on the side or “humpback” cover for the iPhone 7. Samsung seems to be following in the footsteps of a competitor, and also presented an unusual accessory for its new flagship.

The number of devices that you can purchase for smartphones Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ submitted non-standard 2Piece case Cover. To put it mildly, the strange appearance of the product has already caused criticism in the Network. As seen in the images, it consists of two parts and covers only the top and bottom of the phone, leaving the front of the case open.

How tightly will stay part of case on your smartphone, unknown. Not whether they fall out to play in the pocket and how well will ensure the protection of the gadget, it is hard to say.

Attractive 2Piece Cover can make is that price which is only $20. The remaining covers will cost $60. Although if the product has a low price, this does not mean that users will buy two awkward piece of plastic for $ 10 each.

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