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Samsung hopes to remove the red tint of displays, the Galaxy S8 with the updates

Today started official sales of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ and the first customers are already complaining that the new phones have a reddish tint. First, the representatives of the company said that users can resolve the problem through color calibration in the relevant section of the settings menu. But to remove the redness in this way does not work.

As it became known, next week Samsung will release a firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, which should eliminate the reddish tint of the display of the new devices. “We can’t give an exact date, but an update will be released no later than the end of next week,” said a Samsung spokesperson.

According to experts interviewed by the Korea Herald, a reddish tint may be caused by a problem color balance of the AMOLED display. Unlike LCD panels for smartphones using the three subpixels — red, green and blue OLED screen of the Galaxy S7 used two subpixels — red-green and blue-green. Due to the presence of the two green colors may be a problem of color balance.

Samsung can’t allow the situation got out of control. Sources have confirmed that the company has notified the service centers of the imminent release of firmware, which will allow more accurately adjust the color balance of the screen. This information was confirmed by a Samsung spokesperson, who added that the service centers will begin to replace Galaxy S8 only if the upcoming update does not fix the redness displays.

Some observers believe that software updates can’t solve the problem. But after the failure of Galaxy Note7 another big problem of Samsung is not exactly necessary. The company’s reputation may never recover.

Will be watching to see how events unfold.

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