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Samsung has started selling in Russia, removable QWERTY keyboard for Galaxy Note 5 for 5000 rubles

Fabletami together with the flagship Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ Samsung presentation in August showed a special accessory for new devices: the case-Keyboard Cover cover, designed to simplify the set of large letters and text messages. In the yard in 2015, and the Koreans in a desperate attempt to boost falling sales of smartphones imagined that to save the situation will help the spirit of a Blackberry sample 2010.

On Tuesday, Samsung announced the beginning of sales of Keyboard Cover in Russia. For accessory in the form of plastic lining the company asks 4 990 rubles.

The device is a case with a special screen cover that adds a hardware QWERTY keyboard with physical keys. Unlike the series of Typo keyboard for iPhone that connect to smartphones via Bluetooth, and increase the dimensions of the smartphone, Keyboard Cover placed over the display, thereby closing a part of the screen.

When you connect the gadget recognize the device and automatically adapts the user interface to the reduced size of the display. In such a case any smartphone is like a BlackBerry, but if the canadian device keyboard is not removable, the Keyboard Cover can be removed, thus the working area of the screen will increase.

As they say first users of the keyboard, Keyboard Cover is not too convenient to use: the keys are close to each other and sometimes several are pressed simultaneously. Mashable journalist who tested the accessory, writes:

“Accessory keys are flat and don’t have that comfortable of distortion, which could boast of a keyboard of the BlackBerry and I used BlackBerry Classic and I can say that he has a wonderful keyboard. When I pressed the “M” button, my thumb pressed simultaneously and the adjacent keys (this despite the fact that I have small fingers). On the one hand, the inventiveness and fruitfulness of a team of Samsung engineers is worthy of praise – they implement all of their ideas and then see what happens. In the end, this approach may amuse. But on the other hand, as it was possible to create something so unattractive and totally unusable?”

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