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Samsung has returned 96% of exploding Galaxy smartphones Note 7

At the moment, 96% of smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note 7, available property to spontaneously ignite in the hands of users returned to the manufacturer. This is stated in the press release of the Korean company.

According to Samsung, the majority of Galaxy Note users 7 returned the smartphones. However, 4% of the sold copies still have buyers that may carry certain risks to fans of the South Korean devices.

In the fall of 2016 Samsung withdrew all 7 released the Galaxy Note after numerous reports of spontaneous fires these gadgets, offering a replacement.

According to calculations by the media, the company could lose because of this situation, to $17 billion. However, according to Samsung, who published financial report for IV quarter of 2016, the company recorded a net profit jump of 50% compared to the same period a year earlier. Growth occurred against the backdrop of the apocalyptic forecasts of experts.

Although the series with explosions Galaxy Note 7 was pretty loud, it has allowed Samsung to reach, which she never did, despite a sponsorship of the Olympic games. To this day, sitting in the plane, people listen to the free “advertising”, calling immediately inform the crew about the presence of Samsung. And this happens almost every plane.

And there was the almost daily publications in online and print media and on TV, and in the main news section, where if anyone from technogiant and climbed, it was sworn friends from Cupertino. And the result is about who is there and where it exploded, everyone started to forget, and the story itself (very unpleasant) began to turn into a meme and jokes and irony.

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By the way, in early January, revealed that Samsung SDI supplies batteries for most of the flagship smartphones of Samsung including Galaxy S8. This confirms the assumption that the Galaxy Note 7 was not on fire (not only) because of the batteries.

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