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Samsung has removed its logo from Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge in South Korea

In comments to the news or articles about Samsung devices, you can often find statements like, “if it were not for this inscription Samsung on all sides, would have taken it”. Well, soon such people will have a chance to fulfill the dream, however, it will have to go to South Korea.

Apple is not eyesore to its brand for manufactured devices. All that says about the ownership of the product Peru “Apple” giant is a neat logo in the form of a bitten Apple. But other manufacturers can’t say. Like a trifle, well, there is an inscription on the phone, well, okay. But some people find this a trifle annoying, so much so that they abandon the device in favor of other models, without the annoying label.

Most avid enthusiast to put their logos where no hit is, of course, Samsung. For the citizen did not forget, what company he uses, the Samsung logo is on the front panel and rear. You have to wait when the same inscription put on the faces of smartphones. But not until the insanity grows stronger, and even Vice versa.

In particular, selling in South Korea flagship Galaxy S7 will lose the inscription Samsung. In their place, either nothing will, or will brand a local operator, promoting gadget. South Korean Samsung website you can see images of the new Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge without any inscriptions on the front side – the logo is left only at the rear.

On a direct question concerning the reasons for such an unusual policy of branding a Samsung spokesperson evasively said: “We think that the Galaxy brand is already well known in South Korea”. It is worth noting that in Samsung products for the Japanese market too, no company logos. Instead, they emblazoned the words “Galaxy”. Obviously, in this market, Samsung is developing its brand differently.

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