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Samsung has released the first official photos from camera Galaxy S8

Died down the official presentation of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8, so it’s time for tests, comparisons and evaluations. Most modern gadgets is not on the performance and operation of main camera.

In the new smartphone Samsung installed 12-megapixel camera with aperture of f/1.7 and a focus technology of Dual Pixel, whereas the main changes relate to the software.

Because reporters have not had time to do a sufficient number of shots in different conditions, Samsung has decided to whet the interest of users by posting half a dozen photos. According to the manufacturer, they are all taken on a Galaxy S8 and has not been processed in the graphic editors.

In fairness, the presented image was carefully planned and done in good lighting conditions well known photographer who can take pictures for sure used a tripod and a slower shutter speed. In other words, these examples of my shots the best possible results obtained under ideal conditions.

The quality of the photos, the detail and color rendition are at high level. As far as the pics are true – will know soon.

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