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Samsung has released an attachable keyboard in the Blackberry style for Galaxy S8+ [photos]

Six weeks after the presentation of the Galaxy S8 and S8+, Samsung introduced an unusual accessory for the flagship smartphone. Cover-plate Galaxy Keyboard is designed to simplify the set of large letters and text messages on smartphones.

The main disadvantage of smartphones is the lack of a physical keyboard. Typing necessary by using the virtual buttons do not have tactile feedback. The latter is not capable of transmitting the same feeling which provide these buttons. Attempts to improve the method of entering characters on the iPhone are maintained to this day.

Published the above picture is not a figment of someone’s imagination. So it looks like a new accessory for Galaxy S8+, designed to simplify the set of large e-mails and messages. In the photo you can see the physical QWERTY keyboard style Blackberry, which is optional, will be available to buyers of the smartphone.

When you connect a Keyboard to the Galaxy smartphone it detects a physical keyboard and automatically adapts the interface to the smaller display. In this case any smartphone is like a BlackBerry, but if you have a canadian device keyboard is not removed, the Keyboard Cover can be removed, thus the working area of the screen will increase.

Under the letter rows of the keyboard, you can see the standard navigation keys for Android. There is a button that probably allows you to detach the keyboard from the phone. However, perhaps the keyboard is not just detached and hidden in the case so that it is not visible.

How valid is the use of this keyboard is unknown. At the time district court of California imposed a ban on sale, import and advertising Typo – case with a physical QWERTY keyboard, which makes the iPhone like on the BlackBerry smartphone.

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