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Samsung has promised to present at CES 2017 smart robot vacuum cleaner POWERbot VR7000

In the States of robot vacuum cleaners was made of scouts that were used by the Pentagon for military purposes: to explore dangerous territory or take over the front line the explosives and return. Then their inventor Rodney Brooks decided to expand the market, and by providing the robots with injection and brush, in 2002, began selling iRobot Roomba ordinary Americans. In Europe, the first robot vacuum cleaner produced by Electrolux in 2001.

Now selling a few dozen robotic vacuum cleaners that are powerful, algorithm of cleaning, functions, ability to work autonomously and, accordingly, price. Samsung has announced plans to bring to the exhibition CES 2017 in Las Vegas advanced model called POWERbot VR7000.

According to the statement of Samsung, VR7000 is the lowest robot in the signature line of the company. Its height is 97 mm, which is 28% less than the previous model. The compact dimensions allow the robot to get into places where it is impossible to clean a conventional cleaner. The minimum distance to the wall, which during cleaning is brush, is only 15 mm.

Among the unique features VR7000 – navigation system Visionary Mapping Plus System, which consists of a set of 10 sensors and cameras created map of the house with all the features. Then using the app you can select individual areas in the room for cleaning. For example, you can specify in the living room, and it will be removed. Robot vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a voice control function via Amazon Alexa.

Suction power VR7000 is 20 watts. The width of the brush equal to 288 mm, is the largest among robotic vacuum cleaners known manufacturers, said Samsung. The presence of a unique cleaning system Self-Cleaning Brush System significantly reduces the amount of dust and lint getting stuck between the bristles.

“Many Housewives say that one of the biggest of their problems is the daily cleaning of floors from dirt and dust, – said senior Vice President of Samsung’s John Herrington. – “With our technology, this process will be much easier and more fun.”

New POWERbot can safely avoid obstacles, not falling off the ladder and can be moved from room to room, cleaning various floor surfaces, adjusting power based on the type of surface.

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