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Samsung has postponed the launch of the main functions of the Galaxy S8 indefinitely

Simultaneously with the Galaxy S8 Samsung announced a virtual assistant Bixby. Moving up their top-end smartphones in Seoul have paid great attention to this technology, designed to rival Siri and Google Alexa Assistant. A few months after the debut of the flagship Bixby is available only to native Korean speakers and the English and Chinese version does not yet have a release date. About Russian yet nobody speaks.

As The Korea Herald reports, citing Samsung officials, the company again postponed the start-up of speech functions Bixby in English. As it became known that the voice assistant has arisen the difficulty of obtaining new data.

“Development of Bixby and the development of new languages took longer than we expected. The reason is mainly the lack of big data”, – quotes the edition statement by Samsung. It is also reported about other problems, in particular, geographical and linguistic barriers that exist between American, Chinese and Korean teams.

“Smart” voice assistant was positioned as a key feature of the flagship smartphone Galaxy S8. The software was not ready by the end of April, when started selling the new device Samsung. Not available it now – after two and a half months. According to sources, Samsung will delay the start of the function indefinitely. The company’s management has not yet come to a consensus on when to display a new assistant with artificial intelligence to the market.

At the initial stage of Bixby should work only in a few native apps. The feature will allow you to make calls, send messages, control the camera, gallery and settings. The list of supported applications over time promise to expand, the only question is when it will happen

The functionality of Bixby Vision, which allows to recognize products via the camera lens and make purchases in online stores, is currently available in 11 countries, including the US, UK and South Korea.

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