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Samsung has patented the design of the iPhone 8

While smartphone manufacturers strive to create a gadget with a display from edge to edge, there is one problem — where you need to move the camera and the sensors on the front of the case.

At the moment there are two different solutions: either the sensors are collected with a camera on the top frame or on the bottom as in the Xiaomi Mi Mix. There’s another alternative in the manner of a Essential Phone and iPhone 8. Both smartphones have a small cutout at the top of the display, and in it are placed sensors.

Image patented hull

Apple and Essential not only came to such a decision. As it turned out, Samsung had patented a similar case design in may 2016. The essence is the same: the manufacturer wants to cut out part of the display and place the sensors with the front camera in the space.

Patent application filed for a long time, even before the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 with edge-to-edge screen. However, this does not mean that the Korean company plans to change the design of the flagship line in the near future. Companies like Samsung and Apple often patent projects they work on, but they often do not reach mass production.

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