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Samsung has officially announced the return at the sale of smartphones Galaxy Note 7

Samsung officially announced that it intends to begin selling a modified version of the Galaxy Note 7, the production of which was stopped due to numerous cases of explosion. This is stated in the statement of the South Korean manufacturer.

To minimize the risk of explosions, due to which these gadgets have been withdrawn from the market, Samsung has upgraded and replaced the battery of mobile devices. Capacity withdrawn version was 3500 mAh, new it will be 3000 mAh or 3200 mAh.

Samsung intends to determine which markets will be sold to the updated Galaxy Note 7, after negotiations with regulatory agencies and transportation agencies. The manufacturer also intends to sell model elements like chips and modular cameras, and also re-use extracted from old communicators components — copper, gold, Nickel and silver.

In the February edition of the Di wrote that sell refurbished smartphones the company is going only in the markets of developing countries, in particular India and Vietnam. Will there be a Galaxy Note 7 in Russia, is still unknown.

According to reports, the Samsung has about 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7. A fairly bold step with the return of explosive products, the company can go for reasons of economy. Otherwise, Samsung would have to pay a huge fine for the damage to the environment — by the decision of the South Korean authorities stockpiled, Galaxy Note 7 should be in the manner prescribed by law disposed of.

Sale Galaxy Note 7 was started in August last year, but was soon stopped due to numerous complaints about the ignition in the process of operation. In the result, Samsung was forced to stop their production. In Russia, the official sale was announced, but never started.

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