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Samsung has introduced “smart” refrigerator Family Hub 2.0 with 21.5-inch touchscreen and a camera inside

In anticipation of the exhibition CES 2017, Samsung announced the second generation of smart refrigerators Family Hub. The device has a large screen, internal camera and can act as a hub for devices “smart” home.

Refrigerator called Family Hub 2.0. The diagonal of the screen, located on the right door, reaches 21.5 inches and the resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The display can be used to order the necessary products, viewing recipes in the Internet. It is possible to display various messages for the household, thus replacing the more usual sticker

As in the first generation, the inside of the fridge is a camera that allows you to look at him, not opening the door. It is possible to estimate a range of products and remotely using mobile apps. A convenient way to decide what to buy at the store. Product images, it’s time to replenish, you can save the shopping list for the corresponding application.

Samsung note better integration with applications and new opportunities for the use of the refrigerator as a means of communication between family members. Along with messaging, an interactive whiteboard Family Hub 2.0 can be used for posting photos and sharing the calendar with scheduler.

Using the built-in speakers Family Hub 2.0, you can play music that is streamed from your smartphone, tablet, or other device via Wi-Fi. Device the second generation supports voice control.

The cost of a smart fridge Family Hub will be announced later. The first generation model went on sale in November last year at a price of $5800.

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