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Samsung has confirmed 140 cases of overheating and explosion of smartphones Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has confirmed 140 cases of spontaneous overheating and fire batteries in smartphones Galaxy Note 7 out of 220 of the complaints. It is reported TASS with reference to The International Business Times.

In total, the company issued 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7. About 1.59 million devices were sold, of which 1,47 million smartphones replaced under revocable campaign.

The South Korean electronics giant has received 220 complaints of overheating the batteries and fire in the smartphone went on sale in August. After the company announced the replacement of machines, the complaints still continued to be: overheating already replaced the models complained to 119 people.

The company today held the technical expertise of 117 models from the first batch and 90 copies of those that were replaced. As noted, 47 cases of fire Samsung failed to investigate.

Ultimately, the company was able to confirm that overheated and then caught fire 85 smartphones from the first wave of sales and 55 – replaced devices.

Samsung going to continue the investigation on the causes of overheating and fire gadgets. The company’s management said that besides the batteries carefully studied the hardware side of smartphones, software, and analyses its production processes.

At the extraordinary General meeting of shareholders held on 27 October, President of Samsung Shin Jong Kyun said that the company still hasn’t determined the cause of the explosion of smartphones.

Galaxy Note 7 was supposed to be a major competitor iPhone 7 Apple, so Samsung tried to release it quickly to gain a competitive advantage over Apple, which was to introduce a new iPhone 7 in the autumn. However, on 2 September the company was forced to suspend the implementation of these smartphones around the world and to withdraw the 2.5 million already sold devices due to reports of fire.

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Because of the scandal capitalization of Samsung decreased by billions of dollars. October 11, the company lost $17 billion of market capitalization after the official announcement about stopping all sales of the Galaxy Note 7 and the complete cessation of its production.

Double the current fiasco may be adversely affected by the degree of consumer confidence in Samsung products, the newspaper notes. Some experts believe that the failure has ruined the reputation of the entire line of Galaxy Note and downgraded the relationship to other models of Samsung phones.

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