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Samsung has completed the investigation of the causes of the explosions of smartphones Galaxy Note 7, but is in no hurry to share its results

Employees of the company Samsung received the letter in which the leadership is required to observe the utmost secrecy regarding the characteristics of the new flagship smartphone and prevent leaks of sensitive corporate information. It is reported by The Korea Herald.

Head of mobile business Samsung, Koh Dong-Jin urged his employees to strengthen security measures

“I felt deeply saddened after I learned about the recent attempts of data breaches and the leaks of the prototype, – the letter says. – Samsung has the bitter experience of the loss of sensitive data, product design and business strategy in China that caused the damage in the past.”

Concerns the top Manager of the Korean tech giant is not in vain: the recent failure of the flagman Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caused damage to his reputation and even nearly led to the resignation.

The call of the head of mobile units Samsung for tighter security looks interesting on the background of rumors about the outcome of the internal investigation on the causes of explosions of planshetofona Samsung Galaxy Note 7. And, reportedly, the company already told about the results of this investigation, a number of independent labs, including the Korea Testing Laboratory and UL.

At the same time, despite the promise of Samsung until the end of the year to publish a detailed report on the causes of explosions Galaxy Note 7, the company is not yet ready to share the results of its investigation with the public.

Although independent experts have concluded that Samsung sought to ensure the autonomy of your smartphone higher than the iPhone, so made the wrong layout details. Components inside the phone pressing the power. In the end, even though the battery was placed in a separate compartment, the distance between the parts and the battery is minimal. This, in turn, causes an explosion or fire due to contact of the positive and negative layers of the battery.

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