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Samsung has achieved cancellation of a fine of $120 million for copying features of the iPhone “slide to unlock”

The U.S. court of appeals for the Federal circuit on Friday ruled in favor of Samsung in dispute with Apple about patents and use some of the features in smartphones, in particular, unlocking the screen “slide to unlock”, says the message of the court.

According to the case, in 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone, which used new technologies. Among them was the function of unlock the screen from the movement of your finger “Slide to unlock”, which was patented by the company. In Cupertino decided that the Koreans use this and other technologies have caused damage to the reputation of Apple as innovator.

In September 2015, the court upheld Apple’s claim to ban the use of the function “slide to unlock”. While the Californian giant has acquired the right to seek ban on sales of Samsung devices because of the use of similar functionality in smartphones the South Korean manufacturer.

In addition, the lawsuit was given the patent on the detection data, for example, phone numbers in the address book when entering similar figures, but also automatic correction of spelling on smartphones. First, the court upheld the claim on the prohibition of the use of the functions Apple and ordered Samsung to pay a fine of $of 119.6 million for the misuse of patents. The first was stated in court that “irreparable abuses Samsung, receiving harm the reputation as an innovator, losing market share and noting the decline in sales”.

Now, however, the court overturned the previous verdict and came to the conclusion that the South Korean manufacturer is not a violator, noting that Apple’s patents on the “slide to unlock” and the correction of the text were “invalidated”.

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During the hearing, Samsung showed a video in 1992, which was shown “the interface of user interaction”. In it a researcher by the name Katharine Plesant described a number of switches that can be used on devices with touch screen. Among them was the slider toggle switch, it can be switched by swiping across the screen.

In 1992 scientist Catherine PLAISANT showed the touch interface Slider toggle

In defense of Apple, the lawyer said that shows Placenta interface describes the device that should be mounted on the wall, and not for use in portable devices. However, this did not convince the court, which quashed the fine Samsung. Moreover, he acknowledged that Apple infringed one of Samsung patents relating to video and photography, and must pay South Korean firm $158 400 in fines.

During the proceedings, Samsung has supported a number of companies, including Google, HTC, LG and Rackspace Hosting. They argued that victory for Apple would allow owners of patents “by an unfair use of its patent to gain a competitive advantage.”

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