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Samsung, Google and Microsoft asked not to ban iPhone sales in the US

Organization Computer & Communications Industry Association, which unites major IT companies, including Microsoft, Samsung, Google, Amazon and Facebook, was on the side of Apple in litigation with Qualcomm.

The organization appealed to the U.S. international trade Commission (ITC), demanding to reject the request Qualcomm to ban imports and sales of iPhone in the United States. According to representatives of the IT industry, such sanctions can have far-reaching consequences for the entire industry.

“If the ITC decides to ban the import of iPhone in the US, it will allow Qualcomm to use its monopoly position to further pressure on Apple and higher prices for consumer devices. In this situation, at stake is the availability of iPhone and other smartphones at cheaper prices,” said ed black, head of the organization.

He also noted that the requirements to ban the import of iPhone will lead to “significant shocks” for Apple suppliers, and ultimately would negatively affect ordinary consumers.

At the beginning of the year Apple has accused Qualcomm of abusing a leading position in the market. The company representatives said that the vendor requires too high a fee for a license to use patents and prevents them to work with other chip manufacturers.

In July, Qualcomm demanded from the American authorities ban on the import of new iPhone in the US and sales restrictions already imported devices. The company said that Apple violates six patents relating to the extension of the lifetime of the phone.

July 19, four of Apple’s supplier — Foxconn, Compal Electronics, Pegatron, and Wistron Corp. — has filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm. The plaintiffs accused the chip maker of abuse of a dominant position on the market. Later Apple representatives have stated that they intend to apply for the joinder of the application providers with their own lawsuit against Qualcomm.

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