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Samsung Galaxy S8 when compared with the iPhone 7 impressive performance, but not battery life

Recently the Vice-President for product strategy of Samsung, said in an interview that the company has a dream — to win the Apple. Presented on the flagship Galaxy S8 is an attempt to bring this dream to life.

The smartphone was quite curious — the glass case, water resistant, powerful chipset Snapdragon 835, new camera sensor, promising a virtual assistant Bixby, support docking station DeX. All of this comes complete with headphones AKG.

However how practical will be the screen without side framework remains to be seen. Because bazeley almost there, using your smartphone, you may accidentally touch the screen the side of the palm. For false positives complained yet many owners of Galaxy S7 edge — and then this problem may become much more topical. Another aspect that may not match the dream Samsung – autonomy.

Comparison battery life the Galaxy S8 and S8+ c iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have shown that in tasks with screen off (for example, music playback and talk time) large cells provide an advantage over the Galaxy S8 iPhone 7. But in tests on the active use of the device, including during a web surfing device are on the same level.

Is it right, when we are talking about the device at 10-nm energy-efficient chips? Do I need a user display with a resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels, which quickly consumes battery power?

It is difficult to find the formula for a perfect flagship smartphone. Some users are willing to chase a heavy duty processor and 4K screens, but hardly anyone will refuse to have a good autonomy. Sometimes even inexpensive devices can prove to be better leaders. For example, Lenovo P2 with the 14-nm Snapdragon 625 and a battery of 5100 mAh battery can work up to 3-4 days without recharging.

Moto Z Play battery 3510 provides about two days of battery life, while the thickness of its body is only 7 mm. Yeah, Lenovo and Moto P2 Z Play can’t be called the most powerful smartphones in the world, but for most everyday tasks the difference will be hardly noticeable.

It is obvious that Galaxy Galaxy S8 and the S8+ is a great smartphone in many aspects, but not with respect to the time of Autonomous work.

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