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Samsung Galaxy S8 was the most vulnerable smartphone drops

Flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 showed an extremely low degree of protection when falling on a hard surface. To such conclusion experts of the insurance company SquareTrade, regularly testing a mobile device.

The results of the experiment, the Galaxy S8 has earned 76 points out of 100, which corresponds to a high risk of mechanical damage. As noted by experts, the new device, dressed in a glass case, “is extremely vulnerable”, and it may be damaged in almost any fall. This is due to the fact that the smartphone is devoid of a metal frame, to a large extent to protect other devices.

However, other flagships from Samsung, released Galaxy to S8, demonstrated from SquareTrade better protection from damage.

From the point of view of the characteristics of the Galaxy S8 is undoubtedly a true flagship in the smartphone market, but even after the official announcement, there were doubts about how loyally accept its potential buyers. The fact that the Galaxy S8 was the first premium model, the Samsung after the infamous Galaxy Note7 that could have a negative impact on their reputation. However, apparently, this did not happen.

According to official data, the number of pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ was 30% more than the number of bids Galaxy S7 and S7 edge last year. However, the South Korean manufacturer did not provide any specific numbers, so correct to compare the demand for its phones with the demand of, say, the iPhone 7 is not yet possible. The real picture will be drawn only in July, when Samsung will report on the next quarterly results.

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