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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7: performance comparison

Flagship smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S8 not yet announced officially. However, benchmark GeekBench has revealed evidence of performance of phone with the Exynos Series 9 8895, which is expected to become the “heart” of one of the versions of Korean news.

In the benchmark GeekBench the smartphone under the index SM-G955F (hiding the Galaxy S8+) climbed to the top spot in the performance rankings, earning 6375 points. We are talking about multi-core test mode. And in this test the new Samsung flagship ahead of the iPhone 7 Plus.

The configuration of the Exynos chip 8895, note, includes eight cores: four cores Samsung’s own second generation and four Cortex-A53. For graphics processing meets the accelerator ARM Mali-G71. Production rate — 10 nm. the iPhone 7 Plus equipped with a SoC Fusion A10 4-core processor, so the unit lost to the competitor in the multi-core test mode.

But more important in single-core mode test, where the main role plays the processor architecture, the result of Galaxy S8+ on its own processor Samsung was lower than the iPhone 7 Plus – 1987 against 3473 points.

It is worth considering that the Galaxy S8 results are preliminary, and therefore after the official launch, the situation may change.

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