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Samsung Galaxy S8 saved on the key functions of a smartphone

The first sales of the smartphone Galaxy S8 confirm that the devices were very popular and one of the most functional models on the market. But gadgets could be even better if Samsung did not decide to simplify their substantially. To such conclusion the creators of YouTube project jerryrigeverything once.

After extraction from Galaxy S8 front camera enthusiasts drew attention to the fact that the lens of the smartphone is free to deviate from the center position, which indicates the support system optical image stabilization. However, OIS in the list of functions the front of the module does not appear.

From the front camera Galaxy S8 is disabled optical stabilization

For some reason in Seoul refused from this technology. Perhaps the installation of this module — it is only a necessary unification, and stabilization system will subsequently appear, but not in a Galaxy S8, and, for example, Galaxy Note 8, which will probably use the same components.

Previously, the Network got photos of the prototype Galaxy S8 with noticeable differences from the final. On image visible to the South Korean smartphone equipped with on the back side of the double vertical camera and missing poorly placed in the final model with a fingerprint sensor.

However, in the final version of the Galaxy S8 users have received a “normal” main camera. Apparently Samsung was preparing a model with dual camera, but later abandoned it.

Galaxy S8 was supposed to double the main camera

For some reason Samsung decided to save on the main and front cameras Galaxy S8 it only remains to be proved. Perhaps after the disaster with the Galaxy Note 7, the company is very cautious and prefers to minimize risk.

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