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Samsung: Galaxy S8 – our dream of victory over Apple

Vice President of Samsung, Kim Hyun called the new flagship Galaxy S8 “dream of beating Apple”. About his hopes for the success of the smartphone, the top Manager said in an interview with Mashable.

Speaking about the new Samsung phone, Kim said that the Galaxy S8 is the most innovative smartphone in the entire history of Samsung, and the company’s employees worked on him for three years. According to him, the code name for the Galaxy S8 within the company – “dream”, that is “dream”.

During the conversation, the representative of Samsung said that this “dream” can be considered as “dream of beating Apple” that is known to be the main competitor of the South Korean brand. His comment confirmed that the company is dreaming about victory over Apple that, according to some, was the cause of the failure of the previous flagship, the Galaxy Note 7.

Earlier Bloomberg, citing its sources reported that the reason for the haste with the release of Samsung problem the Galaxy Note 7 was the desire of the company to overtake Apple with the release of iPhone 7. As a result, the apparatus had to be withdrawn after massive fires.

Presentation Galaxy S8 took place on Wednesday in new York. The novelty has a screen with curved edges, the scanner of the iris and a 12-megapixel camera. The device is available in five colors: black, grey, blue, silver and gold. Galaxy S8 is equipped with voice assistant Bixby, which claims to be superior to Siri.

Samsung has high hopes for the Galaxy S8. The previous flagship, the Galaxy Note 7 — has brought the company a loss of $5 billion In the course of the operation of the smartphone could cause a fire, because of what Samsung had to withdraw from the market all sold the device.

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