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Samsung: Galaxy S8 is ahead in sales of Galaxy S7 by 15%

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ were received quite high ratings, both experts and ordinary consumers. However, recently there were rumors that sales of the devices was lower than their predecessors Galaxy S7. Samsung itself is still the official numbers are not known, but was quick to refute the negative messages in the media.

South Korean media say that Samsung over the same period of time sold 20% fewer Galaxy smartphones S8 than the Galaxy S7. According to sources, since the release of the flagship two months, Samsung managed to sell only about 9.8 million smartphones, compared to 12 million Galaxy S7 and S7 edge of the company over the same period a year earlier.

Head of mobile units Samsung Koh Dong Jin denied this information. He said that Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ sales ahead of a series of Galaxy S7 by 15%. According to Koch Dong, Genie, Galaxy S8 is selling very well, while Samsung is confident that trend will continue in the fall after the iPhone 8.

Over the past few weeks, the Galaxy S8 price decreased. It is assumed that by reducing the sale price of the gadgets can increase.

Earlier it was reported that Samsung deystvitelno configured to an earlier announcement of the Galaxy Note 8. And among the main reasons for such a step was called not only the desire of the Koreans to gain an advantage over Apple with its iPhone 8, much weaker-than-expected sales of flagship models of the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

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