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Samsung Galaxy S8 iPhone 7 Plus vs LG G6: comparison of the quality of the shot

On Wednesday, Samsung unveiled their new high-end smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8+ “infinite” display and voice assistant Bixby. Main camera phones has 12-megapixel with aperture of f/1.7 and optical stabilization, the main changes relate to the software. How successful, in terms of the quality of the shot Galaxy S8 will perform against the iPhone 7?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is no dual-camera as its main competitor, the same Dual Pixel technology as in Galaxy S7 a year ago, aperture F/1.7.

Perhaps the most useful feature of dual camera analogue optical zoom. Zoom without any loss is great. Galaxy S8 can not do that, but might as it’s all good? Hi Tech decided to compare the camera quality of the Samsung Galaxy S8 iPhone 7 Plus vs LG G6 in different shooting conditions.

In the mode of portraiture LG was in last place: small objects (hair) turned to mush, the color reproduction is unnatural. iPhone too much sharpness on the face is clearly visible irregularities. According to observers, the winner was Samsung: complexion natural, teeth white, the hair is well developed.

When shooting day all smartphones are more or less similar: the simplest of conditions for photography. But here there are nuances. Crop photos you can see that LG has the highest level of noise (thanks to the small sensor), the iPhone is too dark scenes (thanks to a not very bright optics), and Samsung small the sharpness, the details are slurred.

Survey of text in complex conditions is an important task for smartphones. And again the subjects of the problem: darkish LG, and Samsung blurred the words on the edges of the frame, sharpness is only in the center, which puts him in third place. The winner is the iPhone with the same sharpness across the frame.

As for shooting up close, at first glance photos from iPhone, LG and Samsung came out quite good, but upon closer inspection, the background is better on the iPhone, the controls on the camera are not so blurred as the Koreans, and the color is the most natural, without a care in the yellowness.

And this despite the fact that the object of focus (the title) also turned out a sharp contrast, see crop photos. In second place with a small gap LG, and Samsung have a loss of sharpness throughout the entire frame. Loss is obvious.

Indoors iPhone again shows a dark picture due to weak optics in comparison with competitors. LG and Samsung here, almost equal, although the LG is sharper, but slightly noisier, look at the pointer on the crop.

The camera in the Samsung Galaxy S8 was identical to that used in a series of Galaxy S7 or Note 7, quality. All on the same level: there are some problems shooting indoors, close-up, with these tasks the competitors with the dual camera can do better.Original photographs taken on the Samsung Galaxy S8 iPhone 7 Plus and LG G6 available at this link.

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