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Samsung Galaxy S8 had to get a physical Home button [photos]

Flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 received a large frameless, and for the first time in the series lost the physical Home button. However, it seems that Seoul had initially worked out an alternative design of the phone, as the network appeared the patent for the Galaxy S8 with a separate physical button.

Abandoning the key “Home”, the manufacturer had to solve a large set of tasks, which includes identification of methods of control using virtual buttons, as well as the new location of the fingerprint scanner, which is now located on the rear panel near the camera lens.

Judging by the images in the patent application Samsung, to keep the aspect ratio of the smartphone manufacturer would significantly reduce the size of keys. The only way to use it would be not too comfortable. Rather, it is for this reason Samsung has refused this decision and gave preference to the virtual key.

Manufacturers typically have worked for several design options of the gadgets, before you decide which of the prototypes will go into mass production. Perhaps Samsung has patented design only “just in case”, if we fail to do what was originally conceived with the Galaxy S8.

It is known that Apple is also planning to abandon the Home button in the iPhone 8. The company will not only have to solve the issue with the placement of the fingerprint scanner, but also to develop a new control system for iOS with the help of virtual buttons.

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